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30th Anniversary 1985 - 2015

Springlands Learning Environments

Plenty of toys and resources in a natural environment

As you would expect from our nurseries, our rooms are packed with interesting and easily accessible toys and resources, plus we offer a diverse selection of activities.

We continually have extra staff on duty over and above the minimum ratio, because we recognise that children will gain the most if they have more staff interaction.

Plus latest research shows that a calm and relaxing environment will help your child to learn. So from 7.30am to 10am we play relaxing outdoor sounds inside our nurseries, surrounded by big plants and water features to replicate the natural learning environment.

Blending the outdoor and indoor learning environments

Do you remember outdoor activities when you were a child?  Climbing trees, running around and building dens? Can you remember being totally absorbed, experimenting and making discoveries, challenging yourself and having fun?

That's the ethos we bring to outdoor play at the Springlands child day care centres in Colchester. Each of our nurseries have play areas which keep young children occupied, while helping them learn new skills at the same time.

Research shows that young children need to be active to learn and that, by being outdoors in a 'natural classroom', they develop upper body and limb strength through physical activity and movement. As well as becoming healthier and sleeping better, they:

  • Develop their social and communication skills, as well as self esteem
  • Improve their ability to think, take risks, solve problems and negotiate
  • Become more independent yet enhance their team work and concentration




Learning continues at home

When it comes to going home time, we provide plenty of support so parents can continue their children's learning outside nursery hours.

We have developed bespoke software that enables us to develop a 'Learning Journal' with parents and which includes photos up to the age of 8. Milestones are highlighted and once achieved, whether at nursery or at home, these are recorded for posterity. This innovation has a range of features that will positively enhance your child's time with us.

We also offer optional home learning packs which cover maths, language and literacy plus we provide additional ICT equipment and resources to help children with speech and language.

Our family home learning packs have even been shortlisted for a 'Resources' award in the Nursery World Awards in the past, achieving peer recognition once again for the high quality of the support we give to children and their families.

If you would like further information about what we do, please don't hesitate to contact us.