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30th Anniversary 1985 - 2015

Why choose one of the Springlands' nurseries?

Choosing your child's nursery education is possibly one of the most important decisions you will make.  Your child will learn most during the first five years of life and 90% of your child's brain will have grown by four years of age. So it is important to get it right and invest wisely!

At Springlands, we offer you:

  • Flexible sessions and peace of mind
  • A totally safe environment in which your child can feel secure and happy
  • FREE regular play-sessions every week until your child joins us officially, so you know everyone and that all will be fine
  • The opportunity to make great relationships with caring adults to ensure you feel involved and reassured
  • Ongoing support and advice as required, including resource bundles and optional packs to recognise and support many natural occurring learning opportunities at home

And for your child, we offer:

  • Specially designed, homely environments
  • Learning experiences that are planned to meet specific developmental and learning needs
  • Opportunities to play with a range of carefully chosen toys and resources suitable to meet your child's interests and stage of development
  • Lots of 'hands on' learning experiences, to ensure your child is able to learn in a meaningful way
  • Outside activities in interesting and engaging areas, enjoy the natural world and all this has to offer
  • Nutritious menus carefully planned to feed growing brains
  • Sensitive supervision, provided by a highly trained team with more people available than regulations dictate, to ensure your child is happy, content and gaining fully.

Come and find out how we ensure our environment and planned activities encourage your child to learn. Please make an appointment to visit – we'd be delighted to show you around.



Springlands Nursery
Springlands Nursery