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Springlands Nursery SEND Offer: Children with Special Educational Needs or have a Disability

How does the setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have SEND?

The development of ALL the children attending the nursery is monitored closely through using our sparkPRO software. Should a problem be identified by Springlands this will be discussed with the parents/carers.  Springlands also carries out the Progress Check at two years and this may also flag up any concerns about the child.  This would then be discussed at the meeting with the parent.

Any parent with concerns about their child are welcomed to arrange to meet with a member of the senior management team to investigate those concerns and talk about extra support as appropriate.

How does Springlands support children with SEND?

We hope to work with you so you are part of the decision making process.  Also, we want to work with you to support your child's learning and development so there is a consistent approach, to make maximum progress.  We also work in liaison with professionals outside nursery and draw upon their expertise and guidance.

Targets will be decided for the children with the parents and any outside professional along with the child’s input. (One Plan Profile) These targets will be continually monitored, reviewed and changes made.  Equipment and activities will reflect the need of the individual child.

Springlands listen carefully to all our families and will also offer advice if asked for or if we feel necessary.  Springlands differentiates all activities for all children (ensuring they are each child's Next Steps), we appropriately support their varied behaviour and meet all health needs.

Throughout Springlands we use Makaton (we offer this as a course to parents regularly too) and will make suitable visual timetables, picture exchange systems and anything else that each individual child needs and requires.

How does Springlands create learning and development opportunities for individual children with SEND?

Every child is considered as an individual with their own specific needs, and these are catered for through our normal practice and procedures at Springlands.  Our software 'sparkPRO' guides us in knowing the next steps for every individual child.  For a child with SEND we would use sparkPRO, parent’s wishes as well as using guidance from other professionals.

Springlands sends home regular reports (Learning Journey Profiles) the children’s next steps and achievements since the last review.  Parents also can have the opportunity to come into nursery to see all of their child’s developmental records, which can also be emailed to you.  Additionally, you can hold your child's Learning Journey using spark@HOME where we will work together in providing your child with the right opportunities.

How Springlands works in partnership with parents/carers?

Before any children join us at Springlands we are already building a relationship with you as parents and carers.  We offer free settling in sessions and then a meeting with a senior member of staff, to discuss all your child's likes, dislikes, their challenges (SEND), what they are good at and not so good at and much more.

As a family, you will be invited to various events at the nursery too.   On a daily basis you will also know the person who sees you on arrival and departure well, as you talk on a daily basis; what may have happened at home and about your child's nursery day. You will be invited into nursery regularly to discuss, planning, reviewing and evaluating your child's progress and future goals in relation to behaviour, learning and development.

How does Springlands support the well being of children with SEND?

We, like to organise a settling in period tailored to each individual child.  We offer all our families free (before you start) play sessions before they begin from the moment a place is available for the child to begin.  This allows the child to explore with you in attendance, so you are available for security and reassurance.  At the end of this period we would discuss your child's of likes, dislikes, frights, what they are good at and what support they may need and maybe how you would like us to support your family (as appropriate).

Once the child has settled we are still always available to listen to the parents any concerns or support that is needed.  We will give advice to families as required too.

A One Plan Profile will be made in conjunction with the parents and outside professionals – in conjunction with views and input from the child too.  This will include the child’s wishes and aspirations.

Staff training and experience in supporting young children with additional needs

Staff at Springlands are continually updating their knowledge.  We complete various online courses which would give us an overview of subjects to then if necessary go onto courses on these topics.  As a nursery group we have all completed, safeguarding and Makaton training.  Other staff have completed Autism Awareness training and ELKLAN training (Speech and Language).

Prior to opening our Principal worked intensively with a range of children with additional needs and we have at least one member of staff who has completed the SEND training in addition to the team's prior experience.

Specialist services and expertise accessed by Springlands

Written permission will always be sought for us to gain advice from external professionals.  We may also discuss a child with our Local Authority Area SENCo who is in post to support the nursery with challenges of children attending.

We also work in liaison with professionals outside nursery and draw upon their expertise and guidance as needed.

How does Springlands include young children with SEND in community based activities and outings?

Springlands has always been and is an inclusive nursery, accepting children with a full spectrum of needs.  Nursery policies are available for parents and carers to access with refreshments too, should you wish.

We base all of our activities on children’s individual needs and interests.  We undertake regular written Risk Assessments – some annually and others on a daily basis.  When we organise extra trips we risk assess these prior to the event and then also whilst there.  

Our accessible environment

Springlands is fully accessible to all on the ground floor.  Should extra equipment or support be needed then every effort would be made to source what is required.

How does Springlands prepare and support children with additional needs (SEND) when joining or transferring to another setting or school?

Before any child joins us we would have play sessions and a meeting with you to find out all about the child (as described above).  Via your spark@HOME software there is the opportunity to give us extra information that may have been forgotten, although we are on hand to listen too.

The child's full Learning Journey, current targets and One Plan Profile, with your permission to the next provider.  Ideally, we would invite and meet with them at Springlands before (preferably) /during transition visits.  Ideally, a 'transition plan' will be made with you and the next provider to ensure your child transfers as smoothly as possible.

Transition to school

All teachers are invited to meet every child before they go to school, so your child also will see their future teacher in an environment where they feel safe and secure.   Ideally, a 'transition plan' will be made with you, SENco and the next provider (preferably teacher and head-teacher) to ensure your child transfers as smoothly as possible.  This ensures the school are fully aware of how we have best met your child's needs.  If felt beneficial, it has been known for a Springlands member of staff can be in attendance at the beginning of your child's first week.  With your permission our records will be sent on.


If you have any further questions, then please call the nursery administrator

on 01206 545671 any morning and she will organise for a conversation with one of our senior management team.