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30th Anniversary 1985 - 2015

The ethos of our Colchester day nurseries

Springlands was established in 1985 by Principal Catherine House who has continued to develop the business over the years to serve the children of Colchester.

Catherine’s aim from the outset was to be different, providing pre-school children with a first-class educational experience that would give them the best start in life – and prepare them to move on to primary school as happy and confident learners.

Meeting Ofsted’s tough quality requirements

As a former Ofsted inspector and National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) quality assurance assessor, Catherine understands what it takes to create the best environment for early years’ education.

As a result, we implement up-to-date research in child development and how children learn best, and our team of like-minded staff share Catherine's ethos in delivering ‘The Springlands Experience’ by putting the children first. This has been recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding.

Our team recognise the importance of early years’ education and the investment you are making, not least because 90% of our brains have developed by the time we are four. They understand all about the Neo-cortex and how a child's brain is stimulated best when they are in a relaxing environment so that they feel at ease and this enables learning to take place. 

We offer real grass 

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Our team has developed a unique planning system, which takes a staged approach to learning, while meeting the requirements of the Government’s Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

This ensures your child will learn at the pace that’s right, in the way they individually like to learn, before they move on to the next step. We don’t put hoops in front of children to jump through before they are ready.




Catherine House

Springlands' Principal Catherine House


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